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Hello, my name is Jeff Rochester owner partner of Rochester Custom Homes. My partner, Greg Towe, and I would love to speak with you about your new custom home. Greg and I have been building together for twenty years and have over 100 homes experience between us. No doubt, we know Our business. Please gives us a call for a site inspection and question & answer session to establish your needs for your new home.


I cannot imagine how we could have built this home with anyone other than Jeff. Being 2 hours away we could not always be on site, but Jeff communicated to us constantly, sent pictures, samples, gave us updates and made sure that we had everything we needed to see when we were on site so that we could make decisions and keep the project on track.  Jeff really became our trusted advisor on this house. by the end, my wife and Jeff were on the same page so often that he knew what she was going to choose before he even showed her options.  We have since renovated our house in Atlanta and that experienced reinforced for us just how special working with Jeff really was.  I cannot even imagine using anyone else.

  David H. King • President & CEO • Alexander Haas, Inc.


I have been in the housing industry nationally for most of my business career, so it was very important to my wife and I to pick the best builder to build our lake home. Jeff’s workmanship and attention to detail was excellent. I still live and enjoy the home he built for us. He is the only builder I would use if I were building again.

Joe Colletti


We were very impressed in many ways, but the top quality and careful attentive to detail were traits we appreciated the most. Since I was an interior decorator for 50 years I was pretty hard to please! Thanks for a great job!

Mr. And Mrs. Dr. Bill Jenkins